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      Aneno is originated from Germany. Since the date of establishment,Aneno always follow the core concept of the brand,which is safety,convenience and health. The company today introduced the most advanced set of international technology and equipment,optimization of material,based on the quality and focus on the“Boutique Bottles”. Design、production、marketing integration,responsible for every baby and mother. It has been on the market since 2005 in China and accepted extensive favorable comment by customers. In 2018, Aneno's new product "N+" series came to the market, which aroused strong reaction from the industry and rushed to be imitated. By virtue of its innovative product design and avant-garde concept, Aneno has won the favor and appreciation of a large number of new and old customers. Recent years,Aneno adoptd advanced technology,kept pace with changes at the frontier of innovation and has maintained a momentum of vigorous growth.